Ever dreamt of living on the Moon because it’s so tranquil? Well think again. The Moon is a dangerous place with meteor storms and asteroids, showering the place with rocks and destroying everything. In Moon Defence it is your job to protect the inhabitants of the moon bases from the falling meteors in an ever increasing onslaught of destruction. How long can you protect everyone?

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Moon Defence and Moon Defence Free versions 1.2.0 now support Game Center

Version 1.2.0 - Out Now!

Great news for everyone who enjoys playing games with their friends.
Moon Defence and Moon Defence Free now both support playing on Game Center.

Now, not only can you can check your high score with everyone else's, but you can see

  • the latest scores
  • who played for the longest time
  • who fired the most rockets
  • who hit the most meteors
  • the highest levels reached

Plus, you can earn achievement awards for completing goals within the game
  • Play at least 3 levels
  • Protect all 4 moon bases until level 10
  • Fire 1000 rockets
  • Make it to level 20
  • Hit 5 asteroids before they explode

On top of all this, you can send challenges for any of the above to friends for them to beat and they can send challenges back to you.

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